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Fluid & Dreamy: Welcome the Full Moon in Pisces

With the Sun currently transiting the sign of the Corn Maiden, rooted and rational Virgo, August’s second Full Moon – a blue moon as they are called, will be in the last sign of the zodiac; intuitive and creative Pisces (exact August 31st at 03.35 Am CET).

As we shift our focus from fire to water, from the bold and strong New Moon in Leo two weeks back, and over to the softer and more fluid energy of the Pisces full moon, we can literally feel our body soften, aligning with the fluidity of this mutable water sign.

The Energy of the Pisces full moon is intuitive, creative, and dreamy, and this full moon invites us to slow down, tune in, reset, and recharge. Moreover, as Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac, and as such symbolizes endings and finalizations, this blue moon invites us to close some doors and cut the ties to whomever and whatever holds us back and keeps us stuck in the past.

As many of you probably know, the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, so what better time than the intuitive Pisces moon to take a journey into the depths of your subconscious to better understand where you are, and where life is trying to lead you.

Remember, though, that the Pisces moon is still strongly influenced by its conjunction (alignment) with its ruler, Neptune - currently retrograde in Pisces, which may make you feel more foggy and confused than clear and assertive, with no clue at all regarding which doors to close and which to open. The struggle is real indeed.

The key to clarity in times like this is not to think too much. I know it sounds a lot easier than it is, but if we can make ourselves stop grasping for all the (wrong) answers and instead let go. If we can surrender the constant need for control, wanting to know the answer to the journey even before we have taken the first step. If we can take a leap of faith in life instead of acting from a place of fear. Then we will enjoy this journey we are on so much more.

Because this is life, it is uncertain. So instead of insisting on a particular outcome, let your life fall into place organically. Leave some room for the universe to work her magic! And remember that even though Neptune and Pisces may seem foggy and unclear, they are both highly intuitive, making this a perfect time for introspection.

Neptune has a magnetic, enchanting energy, and, more importantly, he has depth. Neptune, in many ways, represents the journey into the unknown. The path of the mystic. Neptune doesn’t have structure like Saturn, and for us humans who generally like to know the outcome of all situations – especially our life – the fluidity of Neptune can be scary.

But I’ve come to view Neptune like I view the spiritual path: You’re not supposed to know everything. It’s about trusting your path even when it’s too dark to see the next step, knowing that everything will be revealed at the perfect time. And experience has taught me that “foggy” in most cases is “not supposed to know yet.” It’s about trusting the timing of your life. Nothing is random in the Universe.

And the same can be said for Pisces. Pisces, as its ruler, Neptune, is connected to those profound depths of the psyche and the subconscious. I like to compare them to the ocean, as both Neptune’s and Pisces’ energy has many resemblances to the sea: It can knock you over – or you can learn how to surf the wave. You may feel it overwhelming, scary, and drowning – or you can learn how to float in this sea. You can escape far up onto the beach to “play it safe” or you can learn how to swim.

In the same way, we fear the power and depth of the ocean, or the intensity of the intuitive and intangible energy of Neptune and Pisces; we are often scared of the depth of our own psyche and the strength of our true powers. And it is this fear of the unknown, of what might arise if we don’t stay in control, that leads us into the escapism that they both are so (in)famous for.

Because diving deep under the surface is scary. You never know what you may find there. So, you can try to escape – through too much work or sex or drugs or drinks – whatever keeps you occupied from yourself – or you can find the courage to dive under the surface and embrace the beauty and enchantment of another universe. The choice is always yours.

There is no need to be fearful, though. Take a deep breath, let out a big sigh, dive in, and trust that you will be just fine. Find that state of complete surrender, simply allowing the energy of the enchanting Pisces Moon to open and awaken you.

And, remember, as always, a Full Moon is Sun opposing Moon, which means the Sun now is in earthy and practical Virgo. So, if the energies of the Full Moon at any time get too much, you can always draw on the more grounded Virgo energy. It’s all about balance.

Happy Neptunian Full Moon, lovelies!

Tonje xx

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