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Full Pink Moon in Lovely Libra

Astrologically, springtime is always eventful, hosting not only the regular new and full moon but also the spring equinox, Ostara, and the astral new year, which happens when the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. And then, in the midst of Aries season and in between no less than two new Moons in Aries, we have a sensual Pink Moon (its name derives from April’s blooming season) in Aries’ opposing sign; harmonious and lovely Libra, exact Thursday, April 6th, 06.34 CET.

And with the sweet Libra energy illuminating the night sky, this full moon will bring a sense of fairness and harmony with it. Being the sign of peace, love, and partnerships, the Libra moon is an especially potent time to let go of old resentment, heal past hurts, and create new, healthy relationships. The AriesLibra polarity is a relationship axis: Aries, ruled by warrior planet Mars, and Libra, ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus, represent the eternal dance between the masculine and the feminine energies of the universe. Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. The Libra moon strives for balance and harmony and will do anything to maintain loving, peaceful relationships. The Aries Sun, on the other hand, is self-assertive and independent, always ready to pave its own road.

As the time of the full moon always brings with it the energy of zodiacal opposites, this is an excellent time to look into yourself and balance out these opposing forces in your life. Merging Aries and Libra's opposing energies may sound nearly impossible, but whatever we like to believe, none of us is only one thing. The truth is we are all duality, masculine and feminine, light and dark, raging fire and cool, collected air. It is the ebb and flow of give and take, self and others, war and peace, endings and new beginnings. It is the fiery light of Yang and the introspective darkness of Yin, both forces equally important, as one cannot exist without the other.

More than anything, though, the annual full moon in Libra is a time to embrace love and appreciate those around you. Tell your family and friends how much you love them, help those in need, and say hi with a smile to the people you meet on your way. Soak up the sweet Libra energy and let all the overflowing love feed more gratitude and harmony into your relationships. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as they say, and a little kindness goes a long way!

But relationships are not only about peace, love, and passion. This full moon is also an excellent time to ask yourself how to grow through your relationships. We all know that the people closest to us are the ones who most easily make our sparks fly – both on a positive and negative note – as our closest relationships are usually where our deepest insecurities are triggered. Remember then that the people you surround yourself with always mirror you in some way, making our close relationships such amazing platforms for personal and spiritual growth.

If it feels like nothing ever changes in your relationships, and that you, in one way or the other, keep replaying the same – not so happy – love stories with different partners – or keep attracting unhealthy relationships when it comes to friends and/or work – you should know that these repeating patterns in your life and in your relationships are big red flags to look deeper into to yourself, not the other person. What is it that you have yet to learn? Know that it is impossible to move past what you have not yet fully moved through and that you can only truly heal what you are brave enough to feel.

Our relationships are here to shine a light on our shadow self – those parts we, for better or worse, cannot see ourselves – so look closely in the mirrors (the people) that surround you. If we can learn to always take a step back and make an effort to act out of understanding and love, finding compassion and patience to understand ourselves as well as our partner instead of reacting out of fear and insecurities, we can learn to grow, evolve and heal on a much deeper level.

So, if the scales of your relationships have been a bit askew lately, this weekend’s full moon is giving you an opportunity to bring them back to equilibrium. The opposing Aries – Libra axis will help us to strike a balance between neediness and autonomy, teaching us when to focus on meeting our personal needs and when we should be tending to the needs of our significant other.

Bringing things back to balance can sometimes mean a confrontation is needed to get there, though. However, if you are careful and choose your words wisely, this soft Libra moon is truly a wonderful time to drop the guard and let yourself be vulnerable in your relationships. Slow down, breathe, and re-center yourself. Then honestly express your raw, heartfelt emotions, pure from your heart. Let yourself be guided and make the necessary amendments wherever the full moon shines her light. You have the opportunity to change the aspects of your life that do not serve you, and as you start to take the first step in the right direction, you will see the future path unfold more clearly as your energy gets more balanced.

But more than anything, dive into the loving Libra energy and remind yourself that you are allowed to be loved too. Be as accepting and forgiving towards yourself as you would towards your loved ones, and embrace your imperfections. Remember that a beautiful facade, more often than not, masks a messy interior, so stop comparing yourself to others and trust that we are all worthy of being loved for who we truly are. More importantly, feel how the relationships surrounding you begin to change for the better as you learn to embrace every aspect of your being. When we learn to accept ourselves fully, the world does too.

This is your life and your journey. Find your inner voice and be true to your authentic self. Appreciate the little things and be grateful for all that has been and for all that will be. Trust that your past challenges have been lessons of growth, revealing your unique gifts and how you can be of the greatest service to the world. It is time to go out and shine your light.

Full Moon Blessings <3

Tonje xx

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